Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hari Kurikulum UM

Konichiwa minna-san. This is my Hari KoKe of UM 2008/2009 sem2. i dint take any extra-corriculum this sem, but i did join karate club. This was the day i did my karate performance in Dewan Tunku Canselor(DTC), which is the most grand hall in UM. i brought my cam for shot for friends only, not an arranged photoshooting >_<

My Karate Club Buddies

My friends(before version, look the next pic) and I

My friends from above pics (after version), the power of costumes+makeups

Argh, i am lazy to describe my day. Below are some featured pics. Those who want their pics in full res or want to have their pics remove, please tell me. There are more pics for that day in my Facebook Album. Feel free to add me too ^^


  1. Hey da indoor shots pretty nice...wat setting u used?wif flash gun?

  2. sure with flash gun. kinda hard to shoot, they move so fast while the surrounding is so dark =_=