Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malacca MMU GACC 2009 (Cosplay)

16th August

Warning, beyond here is for the otaku only..............

This is one of the main reasons why I went down to Malacca, and ya, for cosplay!! But not me cosplay la, I just go there see see only. and I would like to share the event, GACC which stands for Game Anime Comic Circle. It was held at Malacca MMU.

Upon reaching there, I saw floods of people. So I started to take a look. There are many booths. They sell many things, from anime figures to cosplay accessories, from drawings to mangas, from anime to OST.

many booths. they are selling cat ears, devil tails etc

Great wall of anime figurines!! I saw my beloved nendroids~~

More figurines~~~ Too bad they did't display "for adult" figurines.

Drawing by those talented people. They draw those anime characters very very beautiful.

playing card games

Well, obviously I came here not for these stuff, but for the cosplayers!! Those cosplayers are willing to pose for you to take photos, but if you should kindly ask for their permission la, else they will piss you off, lol

Gekishou version of Haruhi & Mikuru from "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu"

Well, those bugs hero also patrol this event. I guess i don't need to introduce this guy ^^

Dunno why the Kamen Riders (Baja Hitam??) were fighting with Saya from "Blood+"
I wonder Baja Hitam kills vampires too???

Cosplayers volunteerily prepared 4 dance performances for the audience, Sailo fuku, Cirno, Love and Joy, Carameldansen.

I wish I could dance like them too. envy~~~~~

Their dances were so astonishing. Not only very entertaining, it is up to the standard. I can say they gave blood and sweat in preparing these. They deserved a big hand from me.

And this fella from starwars were capturing the performances. May the force be with you

Cosplayer competition. A spontanous performance requested by the judge. This is the candidate ZcDave, paiseh, I dunno what was he cosplaying.

The 3 winners from Solo Cosplay Competition.

I want the puppet at his hand~~~ Midori from "Midori no Hibi"

Well, other than taking thier photos, you can also take photos with them for memories~~

Camwhoring with the cosplayers~~~

OK, nothing much to say, I didn't shoot much that day as I reached there at 3pm, which means I attended the event for a few hours only. I was also very tired and hungry for riding motorcycle from PJ to here =_=

Some photos to share. You can see more pictures of GACC2009 at my facebook. If you ever want your photos in high resolution or want your photos removed, please kindly drop me a message ^_^

1) from Hetalia Axis Power

2) xxx

3) Ainone Kana from "fanmade Vocaloid"

4) xxx

5) Sebastian Michaelis(cute devil mode, zho siao 1) from "Kuroshitsuji"

6) xxx

7) Shana from "Shakugan no Shana"

please help me identify the cosplayers form picture 1 to 7, I only know 4.

Feel free to leave comments or have a chit-chat~~~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventure by Motorbike from PJ to Malacca

16th August

I didn't update my blog for a week, the reason being I was on vacation in Malacca for 1 whole week, hehe. Got tons to share, but I have to settle all projects and assignments that i have left undone for the whole holidays =_=

This is my another visit to Malacca just right after a week I came back from there. It was Sunday, I woke up at 9:00am, then packed my luggage and my equipments, then stuff them into my motorcycle, then I depart to Malacca at 10:30am. Ya, you didn't read wrongly, I Drove my lousy "Comel Manja III" motorbike down to Malacca form PJ.

I had my little Comel gone through some check up and mantainance of course.

I would like to share my adventurous journey with you guys through the photos and words in the picture below. I snapped those pics with DSLR while driving. Please click the image below, let it load completely, then click the image for zooming

After reading this post, I guess my parents and some of my friends would scold me for being reckless, sorry sorry. I just love to travel with bike.

Results :

I took 135 minutes to complete my journey
It cost me around RM 5.00 for the petrol
My skin got heavily tanned T_T
Don't trust 100% the direction that other people give =_=

Sunday, August 16, 2009

H1N1 Side Effect

16th August

Sorry for long-no-update. I got busy recently. Tons topic to share after I come back from my trip to Malacca.

It is sad that everytime I heard there are people dying because of that H1N1 flu. I got to know that there are a few public university such as UKM, UUM etc, are quarantine because of that piggy flu. I consider myself lucky as my University of Malaya, doesn't have to go through this

KL, although is a place with high population, high traffics of people, and many foreigners too. But it seems that it does not get hard attack from swine flu, as from what i observe, only 1 people out of 50 is wearing a mask =_=

Well, there is not cure at the moment, I read that the new cure has a side effect causing death =_= So, I hope that everyone rest more, drink more, eat more, get strong, and let's survive this attack from Piggy Flu.

I think we will get through this, but I think a number of people will suffer from the side effects, such as the picture below (ya, that is me ^^)

I am not telling to see my cool posing, I zoom in for you to observe la.

See it?? Yes, it is the side effect of that bloody Piggy Flu, indirectly..... the "scar" of the mask after wearing it too long under the hot sun.

Sorry for some lame content, lol. Anyhow, here is a very good Vids for you, from mrbrownshow
A funny and very educational Vids ^^

note :
poo poo = shit
dig gold = digging your nose, korek lubang hidung
kutu = louse
Orchard road = A retail and entertainment hub in Singapore
pang jio = pee

Ok, I am heading down to Malacca again, see ya~~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Floria is Flower??? Putrajaya

2nd August

Last Sunday, I have been to the Floria Festival at Putrajaya, which is a flower festival. First thing comes into my mind after looking at the title from the poster was, What is Floria?? Flowers?? Why dont use other name as it sounds like pariah =_=

I had never been to a flower garden before in my life, and this is my first time seeing so many flowers other than in paper or TV. They might be some common flowers, but to me, they were so beautiful, so beautiful that can make me feel orgasm......

Just before I went to the festival, I did a little research, and a friend of mine mentioned that there will be Hot Air Balloon too! Oh God, it will be hitting 2 bananas with 1 stone, as i have never seen a Hot Air Balloon with naked eyes too!!

That day, the only 3 lousy hot air balloon. So dissapointed. After i went home, i found out that why there are only 3 lousy balloon there, do you see the top left corner of the above pic?? The ads for hot air balloon is smaller than a mouse's testacles, well, as least much smaller than mine.

I was planning to get myself onto the balloon, it will just cost me RM10. But after knowing the fact that, it take you up to this height only, it is better I grab my own balloon =_= The Balloons are suckers

I saw this little boy playing with DSLR whole day long. what the foot is wrong with parents nowadays buying a DSLR for their children as a toy? I wish I could do that too.

BlackG, Pauline, Garbage Boy, Wansf

Reloading the camera, be prepared for massive shooting.

Thers are seasons flowers in the "Pavillion" too, it is some sort green house I think. It was so cool as compared to the hot weather outside.

Flower tapir and bird. They used flowers to make other organism too.

Other than flowers, there are expo which promotes other things, such as the newest clone of "limao". These 2 limaos are as big as mine, wow!

And I spotted this thing too. What a great combo.

There were competition and work shops such as drawing, arts, clay sculpting etc, which their themes revolve with flowers

You know that White House has its own military defence, Putrajaya has too. A big basilik missile!!! Well, it is just an observatory tower.

Food corner. Moveable KFC. 1st time seeing this thing. There are Pizza Huts, SetiaMas, etc in trucks too!

Nothing to say more, below are just some shots that i would like to share........... please leave your comments la

So Beautiful..... i mean the lady, but not the Balloon :)