Sunday, August 16, 2009

H1N1 Side Effect

16th August

Sorry for long-no-update. I got busy recently. Tons topic to share after I come back from my trip to Malacca.

It is sad that everytime I heard there are people dying because of that H1N1 flu. I got to know that there are a few public university such as UKM, UUM etc, are quarantine because of that piggy flu. I consider myself lucky as my University of Malaya, doesn't have to go through this

KL, although is a place with high population, high traffics of people, and many foreigners too. But it seems that it does not get hard attack from swine flu, as from what i observe, only 1 people out of 50 is wearing a mask =_=

Well, there is not cure at the moment, I read that the new cure has a side effect causing death =_= So, I hope that everyone rest more, drink more, eat more, get strong, and let's survive this attack from Piggy Flu.

I think we will get through this, but I think a number of people will suffer from the side effects, such as the picture below (ya, that is me ^^)

I am not telling to see my cool posing, I zoom in for you to observe la.

See it?? Yes, it is the side effect of that bloody Piggy Flu, indirectly..... the "scar" of the mask after wearing it too long under the hot sun.

Sorry for some lame content, lol. Anyhow, here is a very good Vids for you, from mrbrownshow
A funny and very educational Vids ^^

note :
poo poo = shit
dig gold = digging your nose, korek lubang hidung
kutu = louse
Orchard road = A retail and entertainment hub in Singapore
pang jio = pee

Ok, I am heading down to Malacca again, see ya~~


  1. walao.......ur face 2 colour jor

  2. +Wa, mcm tu pun bleh terfikir o, haha...ok..

  3. gosh~!!! Your photo shocked me a lot!!!! sweat la...

  4. oooo....that effect you edit one har?? qiu~~ i thought is real one. CEH!

  5. yalah..i thought real one..tipula...hhmmm

  6. lol, paiseh, now baru reply

    Joan so pro?? i bet you always edit picture of your face, lol