Saturday, December 26, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009

Finally, I got the chance to visit Comic Fiesta (CF for short) this year. This is one of the famous Anime, Comic, Game(ACG) event in Malaysia. It was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

This was my first time visiting CF, also I was so eager to go. When I got everything prepared, it started to rain, heavily. The rain ruined my mood, and I got there with wet pants and shoes. Furthermore, during my way back from the event, I got a punctured tyre. such a misfortune =_=

After I bought my entrance tickets, I just strolled around. There were tons of booths selling games, manga, and anime related stuffs. And there were many rows of Doujin Booth in tha hall. This is the 1st time for me to witness such a grand ACG event.

This time I dint take many cosplayers photos. I just covered those cosplayers on stage, since not many people were doing so. And it is the time to test the lens I borrowed from my friend. 70-300mm f/4-5.6 which cost only RM100. The photos were satisfying considering using this Rm100 lens in this low light condition, haha.

This group always does stunning costumes and postures. I like this group very much

Friday, December 11, 2009

Broga Hill Gaga

I woke up at 3am, super ultra tired as I had only 2 hours of sleep after photoshooting a few days continously. Not waking without purpose. Avex, Adelyn, BlackG, Tin Kian and I were going to hike Broga Hill. We departed at 4am, hitchhiking Tin Kian's car there. It took a while to reach there.

It was 5am when we started to hike, the surrounding was completely covered by darkness. We hiked our way with torch lights. After an hour, we reached the peak, well, we were kinda slow (no exercise for years), as the hill is only 300++ metres.

It is a beautiful hill, covered with cogongrass (茅草),too bad the weather was not on our side. It was cloudy, and rain poured down too. Luckily it lasted a while only. But still, the lighting was poor, and we missed the sunrise.

Enjoy the shots I have taken (sorry Tin Kian, I only have a few pics of you~ )

Disastrous Broga Hill

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stephanie & Danny Maternity

8th August

This was taken during my trip to Melaka 2 months ago. When Avex and I were wandering around the City of Malacca, dunno what to do, and a call came from Ken Wai. He invited us to shoot for his sis's maternity, Stephanie, and her lovely hubby, Danny

By the way, as I have said that this was 2 months ago. Now, the new life within the womb has been brought to this new world, congratulation to the daddy and mummy~~


Monday, October 5, 2009

Kureha + Saber Lion Nendoroid Shooting

25th September

This time I am going to share about my first........... nendoroid~~ Kureha from the game Shining Wind.

The story is like this :

Sleepy man, but I have a photoshooting with Keith Tai and xplmy this morning. Raining again, lemiao~~

luckily the rain stops. So we go to dunno dunno where to shoot the sea. I didnt shooting anything, my brain couldn't bring me to press the shuttle =_=

After that, we go to xplmy's house for some shooting. We set up the mini studio, and start shooting, of course the Nendoroids!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nendoroid Photoshooting at Ayer Itam Dam

19th September

This photohsooting is spontanous, where my friend xplmy brought me to Ayer Itam Dam in Penang to shoot sun rise.

I woke up at 5:30 am, I was so eager to shoot the golden sun. But things always do not go along my will. It still was cloudy because of the mid-night rain. But I still insist on going. xplmy fetched me with his motorbike.

On the way to the dam, there were some minor landslide, which make the bike and my shoes are defiled with mud, and my pants too =_=


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Full House Cafe

Long time dint update again. This sharing actually happened like 2 weeks before, I forgot to upload =_=

This is a dinner at FullHouse, at NiuCheShui, somewhere around Kelana Jaya, I think. Together with my fellow friends from ChungLing Butterworth(btw, only me from CLHS), we had a decent night there.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Malacca Trip 02 - Some Spots

My sharing for my Malacca trip continue. Malacca is a colored with beautiful heritage building and things. Furthermore, you can spot hot chicks from foreign countries too.

Even the longkao (drain) is so attractive enough for people to camera it =_=

There were so many interesting things to snap with, see how is Avex retarded face, lol

This is beside the red houses built by those Holand kia, the Christ Church Melaka. This area is a must visit place

After this, we headed towards the well-known almighty St John Fort, which is also built by the Holand kia.

I am not sure why there is a father statute just outside of the fort. Maybe he was trying to promote peace when the Melaka people was waging war with the Holand kia, but get his hand chopped off instead.

It is not big. Even thought they claimed that this was unbeatable, no enemies can pass through here. However there is just a portion left for the fort.

I wonder why they are using this place as a location for Music TV shooting. Are they singing for that "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" campaign?? Anyhow, that lady singer was pretty, anyone knows her??

Before we went back, we stopped by the Qin Yun Temple (青云亭), a famous small buddist temple. The sculpture on the walls are so pretty in a way that I have no words to describe.

There is a thing that I could not comprehend. You see, we could pray or make wishes to the God statute by burning those oil. By common sense, we should let the oil to burn up completely to get our wishes realised. But there are those ah pek, obviously the workers in the temple, pour our praying oil away. I mean, wtf!! why?? business tricks??

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Most Photographers Only Shoot Ladies, but Not Men

Today I went to Mid-Valley, just to visit Project Alpha by Nuffnang. Well, to be frank, I just wanna see KennySia with my naked eyes, lol >_<

We (Tonywan, Pauline and me) went there early, around 4pm, and the thing was suppose to start at 5:30pm.

Well, early ma, so we lepak around. And there is a Fashion Show.

Most photographers only shoot at lady models, they don't care about the handsome gentlemen. Most of them are........... you know what I wanna say la. If I was the photographer, I will also shoot mostly at the models with holes la, not those with poles.

If you don't believe me, you may observe whenever there is a fashion show with both male and female models. Most of them will take the female models pictures only =_=

This is also true not only in Fashion Show, you can go to flickr and search for models/people, I can bet you with my Johny that almost all are female models. Even in my portfolio, majority are ladies ^_^

Just maybe male dominates the photography field la. But still, even you don't like to shoot male models, but please make some flashes towards them la, act act a bit, give them face a bit ma.

The Chicks are hot, and the Guys are cool, but there is a flaw about this Fashion Show. The marketing people fail la, I didn't know what were they trying to promote, until I saw this, swt

It is Bonia =_= (A branded bag, not sleeveless in Hokkien)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sushi King - Big Bowl Challenge

3rd September

Today I went to Ikea for the buka puasa dinner with my cosplay friends CF. Many of them are attending. There are many of them that I am not familiar with. argh, I am not good at socializing, sienz............

We went to this Kluang Station for our dinner. It offered a buka puasa buffet dinner for RM 11.90 only. The food was not bad, especially the chickins.

Well, this is not the main point of the topic. After this, we went to Sushi King, which is just a floor beneath us to meet the other friends. Upon steping in the shop, I saw this big poster

It is the Big Bowl Challenge!!! Just like what you have seen in the Japanese drama or anime. You need to suck up a big bowl of noodles within the given time. These the terms and conditions :

* From 1st to 30th of September
* Big bowl is free of charge for participant who is able to completely finish the dish within 10 minutes
* Participant will be charged RM38.80 should they fail to finish the big bowl within 10 minutes
* Only 1 (one) big bowl per participant
* Available while stock last
* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only

Apparently there is a young brave man who was gonna take the challenge. He ordered a bowl of Udon (is it??).

This handsome is the brave young challenger, Dei.

If you wonder how BIG is it, it is just a few litres of soup with noodles and nori, just read if you wanna know >_<

He had only 10 minutes to finish the big bowl, including the soup. You have to clean the bowl in order to win it. As the time counts down, Dei started to act.

At first they are only us who root and cheer for him, but as the challenge progress, more and more bypasser stopped by and see what is happening.

Just when he started to drink the soup, the times up. Too bad, but that was a good try. And thanks to the supports from CF buddies and the bypassers.

A tips from Dei for those who wanna try this out. Firstly, it is HOT. Secondly, the another hard part is the soup, can you drink all those soup?????

soli, i just wanna post this pic

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melaka Trip 01 - Eye of Malaysia Shooting

18th August

I am going to share what I did during my stay in Malacca.

This was a short photography outing with a few of Photonians during my stay in Malacca.They were Avex, Master Max, Sifu Simmon and me ^^


At first, we were shooting from the Holiday Inn. We just stepped in the hotel and act like we were th guests here. We went up to the 3rd floor, where there is a outdoor swimming pool. We start to get our shots.

2) Shots from Holiday Inn. The water is a pool, not sea ^^

After a while, we left the hotel, as the location was not ideal. We changed to a place further down, somewhere near the sea.

We just parked our car beside the road, as the time is running out, the sun don't wait for us.

This is a good place for the EOM scence. We were compose our shot while walking around to search for angles.

3) This is the location that we took our photos. You may go there if you hang out in Melaka.

Just only after a while, the sun punched his card, and bit farewell to us. T_T

3) Master Max




7)With the sharing from our Sifu Simmon, I got my hand on the "Black card technic". This is not photoshop duplicating ^^ Now we can call it The EYES of Malaysia....

8) Trying to do some creative stuff, but the outcomes are stupid =_=


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

马大摇篮手之夜 2009

1st September

Tonight I was invited to see my friend's dance performance. It was the 摇篮手之夜 2009, which is held in University of Malaya. It is an event for song creation performance

They were awesome, not only in their songs, but also their musician and singers. You could not have believed that they were just 20 years old ++ youngsters from my university. Furthermore, those songs and lyrics were self compose!!

There were list of songs, and there were dances too. I think is hip-hop, dunno la, I am noob in dances. Btw, the dancers dressed up just like ghost. It is not Halloween, but I think it is Chinese Ghost Festival, lol

My friend paupau, don't ask me how I know is him, I just know it.

Their dances were good, nice syncronization

The next event will be 第五届马大校园华语歌曲创作比赛。 A standard event within our university. They will have an audition for music players and singers next week, from Monday till Friday. For more info, please visit 摇篮手。btw, I think limited to UM students only.

If you would like to get your song to compete, you wanna be singers or musicians, or you wanna learn something about music and composing, or you just wanna attend, just come ^^

Ah Fu, Guitarist. The Legend in Music of UM. I knew him since my first year. Have you ever seen a guitarist split his legs in the mid of performance? Or Jump around like a siao kia???
Not only his on-stage performance is good. All his songs and lyrics were written by himself, but for his friends' girl friend =_=

Goh Hau Tian, Sexaphone. So cool~~

Yun Fei, Bass. Also very cool....... with mask. scare piggy flu ar????

Those music players were so cool! I wish I could be like them. I have 2 more years left for my university life. I would like to stand up on stage and perform in front those UM students and the outsiders. I wonder if I am qualified?? My singing..... toilet standard. My composing..... never tried before. My music playing...... castanets ok la, piano already left in dust for 2 years. haiz.....what should I do ne??? I wish I could be like Mio in K-On ^^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disney will acquire ownership of Marvel

At 9am, 31st of August 2009, Walt Disney Co. has reached a deal to acquire comic book titan Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in stock and cash.

I got this info from

Under the deal, Disney will acquire ownership of Marvel, of course including its more than 5,000 Marvel characters, such as The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the X-Men, The Hulk, Ghost Rider and Iron Man.

So what you guys think?? Disney target audiance always has been general, especially to kids. All their shows are meaningful, they are not violent, and they always have happy ending. What if they are going to do a Marvel show, will it ruin the image that Disney have always been?

There were once the game for "Marvel Super Hero versus Street Fighter", and another game called "Marvel versus Capcom"

So, after the deal, they might come up with "Marvel versus Disney?"

sorry for my sucky illustration, click the image to have a better view ^^

I couldn't image our adorable tiny Mickey is going to fight all those Underpants-outside-wearing-Macho Marvel super hero.

Well, I guess we don't have to worry so much. As we know, Mickey is 1 of the most powerful keyblade user in Kingdoms Heart. He is King Mickey after all ^^

Maybe they would also include Marvel into our favorite video games Kingdoms Heart 4. You could see that the wolverine is actually a keyblade user, where all his 6 claws are keyblades =_=

What do you guys think?? How would Disney use the Marvel in their production? Maybe Tonystark will watch Donald Duck in Iron Man 2 ^^

EDIT : i found this pic from to share