Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nendoroid Photoshooting at Ayer Itam Dam

19th September

This photohsooting is spontanous, where my friend xplmy brought me to Ayer Itam Dam in Penang to shoot sun rise.

I woke up at 5:30 am, I was so eager to shoot the golden sun. But things always do not go along my will. It still was cloudy because of the mid-night rain. But I still insist on going. xplmy fetched me with his motorbike.

On the way to the dam, there were some minor landslide, which make the bike and my shoes are defiled with mud, and my pants too =_=


Upon reaching there, we set up our gears and wait for the sun to rise. However, the moment never comes. 7:15am already still see no sun.

We gave up, but I shouldn't go back with empty hand (well, in this case, empty memory card). So xplmy streched his hand into his bag and get this out. Ya, it is an anime figure called nendoroid. Her name is Saber Lion from Fate Stay Night. And she was willing to become our model of the day~~~~

The back scence :

xplmy is shooting the little Saber Lion on the left, there is a very tiny bowl in front of her

The sky is so cloudy, no sunlight, so we have to make use of strobes to artificially create a warm sun light.

More back scence...........

Below were what I shot. It was time consuming to set up the figure and the lighting.
After that, heavy rain pouring down from the sky, we rushed towards a shelter nearby. I still have a lot to shoot man, dammit!

Waaa~~ snail~~~ yiaks~~

Please help me get down from the tree~~ T_T


  1. i like her!! the pic with snail wan, nice. huhu~
    where you get this figure? how much? ori?

  2. Joan, me too..i love the one wv snail..nice my baby danboard collection..likes to show various curious expression..hehe

  3. Derrick>> thanks for the compliment, this tuesday got meeting at old town, discuss about KLPac model shooting

    xplmy>> haha, thanks for you lending her to me, and your macro and flashes and umbrella too ^^

    Joan>> you have to ask xplmy, i think this saber lion cost about rm 135

    Pauline>> you like snail ar? can share with me your baby danboru???

  4. LOL... What a cute shooting. GooD!