Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Full House Cafe

Long time dint update again. This sharing actually happened like 2 weeks before, I forgot to upload =_=

This is a dinner at FullHouse, at NiuCheShui, somewhere around Kelana Jaya, I think. Together with my fellow friends from ChungLing Butterworth(btw, only me from CLHS), we had a decent night there.

This is the only restaurent that keep this place alive. The whole NiuCheShui, which was suppose to be a lively place with events, now is just like a dead city. No shops, no people, except for this restaurent.

The food here is delicious, as my friends said. I dint order any meal at here as I had taken my dinner somewhere else. I just had a drink, it was normal. btw, the price is expensive, at least to a poor student like me.

The services they provided were nice, they were friendly

Well, these comments are normal. We could find many other restaurents that provide the same quality of food and services, or maybe even better. However, these are not the only things that make this restaurent attractive. Their decorations are not just mere decoration, they are toys too. Err... toys might no be the right word. You can play with them and take photograph.

There are specs, hats, cloth etc that you could try on them.

There are many decorative things to play with, just like this bloody guy put the Eiffel Tower at his XX part =_=

I wonder why those ladies at the back posing for?? I was taking the picture of the lovely bears la.

There are many corners that you can play and take photograph with. They won't ban you

So, don't ever forget to bring along your camera there, it is so enjoyable to play with those stuff after your meal.

Just before we went home, this perverted guy, Tonywan did something undecent under the skirt of our childhood cartoon Mini Mouse. Luckily Mickey was not there to wack him.


  1. oh shit, i am da only man left on this earth who hasnt been there YET!damn sua gu

  2. This cafe. is quite creative... :)

  3. hahahaha.. i like window shopping

  4. iiks..peeking under the skirt of Minny Mouse :)

  5. +The restaurant is always featured in M'sian series!! the place is so beautiful, wish I could go there someday, seems surrealistic, like a dreamland...=)

  6. For fullhouse..i have few words to be said..it can be said to be a well-decorated environment with alot of accessories and ornaments..just wonder whether I can buy anythg from there?Curious =.="..