Wednesday, September 2, 2009

马大摇篮手之夜 2009

1st September

Tonight I was invited to see my friend's dance performance. It was the 摇篮手之夜 2009, which is held in University of Malaya. It is an event for song creation performance

They were awesome, not only in their songs, but also their musician and singers. You could not have believed that they were just 20 years old ++ youngsters from my university. Furthermore, those songs and lyrics were self compose!!

There were list of songs, and there were dances too. I think is hip-hop, dunno la, I am noob in dances. Btw, the dancers dressed up just like ghost. It is not Halloween, but I think it is Chinese Ghost Festival, lol

My friend paupau, don't ask me how I know is him, I just know it.

Their dances were good, nice syncronization

The next event will be 第五届马大校园华语歌曲创作比赛。 A standard event within our university. They will have an audition for music players and singers next week, from Monday till Friday. For more info, please visit 摇篮手。btw, I think limited to UM students only.

If you would like to get your song to compete, you wanna be singers or musicians, or you wanna learn something about music and composing, or you just wanna attend, just come ^^

Ah Fu, Guitarist. The Legend in Music of UM. I knew him since my first year. Have you ever seen a guitarist split his legs in the mid of performance? Or Jump around like a siao kia???
Not only his on-stage performance is good. All his songs and lyrics were written by himself, but for his friends' girl friend =_=

Goh Hau Tian, Sexaphone. So cool~~

Yun Fei, Bass. Also very cool....... with mask. scare piggy flu ar????

Those music players were so cool! I wish I could be like them. I have 2 more years left for my university life. I would like to stand up on stage and perform in front those UM students and the outsiders. I wonder if I am qualified?? My singing..... toilet standard. My composing..... never tried before. My music playing...... castanets ok la, piano already left in dust for 2 years. haiz.....what should I do ne??? I wish I could be like Mio in K-On ^^


  1. haha, too bad i cant wear mask while performing lol

  2. sigh.. i miss half of the night coz having exam...

  3. haotian>> you could use mask to cover your eyes and nose

    Tony>> shake you ass

    yet>> having exam at night???

  4. hahaha, ah fu really legend =X
    i just cant stop laughing wiv his joke: my lyric, my music, my song, but write for others gf.... sipek funny!

  5. forgot to mention he is an English teacher now.
    i saw him fishing in a lake of a park during merdeka, lol

  6. haha......yaolanshou not jz a music club for me.
    i learn music instrument during first sem of second year.if u think u hav no any talent in singing,compose,music photography and multimedia.yaolanshou alway got perform at outside,u can join them and take ur photo,do ur beloved thing....i m a people who lk photography too...jz a very very amatuer...stil learning....

    and multimedia....o video shooting...i think u may go upm o ukm watch their concert...their video is damn good!!!!!!

  7. CloudFly>> i stopped my multimedia and video le, very scared, lol. If I wanna join for performance can ar? i know piano/keyboard, but dint practice for so long.

    Zeon>> hey, you were the president for xindiaozhi, got video ar??

  8. Come to UKM New Tune to watch the concert if you free la. Haha!

  9. Bengbeng>> your life is interesting too, from sibu??

    LayMin>> i was going to Newtune in UKM last year, but heavy rain, cannot drive my little "comel" to bangi. This year i might attend

  10. haha,can go for audition,i think it will coming nex more week