Monday, May 18, 2009


16th May

C2AGE, an ACG event, organised by Help University College, for fans by fans. I thought i was at 17th, but luckily, someone reminded me it was at Saturday just a few hours before hand. And i got lost + couldnt find the location. it took me an hour to get there =_= (i forgot to check wikimapia)

I was there at 1045am. I bought another ticket, as i lost it. There were numerous booths, there are booths about accessories, food, drawings, games, etc. There were Street Fighter 4 competition too. OK for intro, lets head to what i saw.

The event started behind the schedules. During the arival of VIP, kelam kabut, lol. The VIPs were the headmaster of HELP, Japanese Ambassador and his wife, etc, and most importantly, the hot ANIMAX ASEAN Ambassador Hannah Tan!!! The speech by the Jap Ambassador was so fun. He sang in Malay too!!

The timetable was.....urgh... we dint know what comes next at what time. And for my personally view, the cosplay competition 1st round was not good. However, the momentum came during 2nd round of Cosplay competition. Performances by cosplayers were awesome. There were Anime Song Quizes too! The Anime Chess Fighting involved cosplayer as chess pieces, commanded by the Kings, and do fighting poses when killing other chess pieces.
Not much to say, well done to C2AGE commitees, and i met some friends, got to know some cosplayers, and got some shots!!

Here are some pics that i took, for more pics, get it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i dint upload all, as some are private/not for minors like yuri/yaoi, message me so that i can check for your pics) If your ever want you pics in full-res, or want your pics removed, please kindly inform me. ^_^

Saturday, May 9, 2009

XX Sunway Outing

6th May

Yeah, finally my exam is over! I am hanging out with a bunch of friends. Sunway Pyramid, for ice skating. This is my 1st time skating on ice, and i can skate smoothly on the 1st try, hehe, not bad for 1st timer. i was trying to ice kacang also (breaking by shaving the ice). This was my happy and enjoyable moment.

But happy moment won't last long. After 3hours ++ of skating, after i have got my cloth changed, i couldn't find my wallet, only can find my handphone!!! Wtf... my friends help me search around too for some time, but it was fruitless. i filed a mising report, then we planned to go for dinner.

And now, is another 'OMFG!!!!' when we parked our car, we came in with Touch n Go, and now i lost my wallet along with my TnG card!! We went for info counter, then to Carpark help, then back to info counter, after countless trouble, luckily the person incharge gave us a special ticket that we can go out of the car park without any penalty (you know, if you lost the carpark ticket, you get penalty). We went to 'Yuan', stimboat for dinner. We had a fun time eating, until the shop closed, it was 11pm, almost 12am. My friends belanja me, as a consolation of losing my wallet. I would like to thanks them, for cheering me up, and help me through all those tremendious troubles. Thx pals. Xia Xiang Ichiban!!!

In conclusion, this is a very mix-feeling of happy and sadness outing for me. But i din't regret that i went for the outing. It was worthwhile. I lost my I/C, Lisence, Matric card, Department card, 3 Atm card, Cash of rm500 (i just got that 500 wages that morning and was planning to bank-in), c2age ticket (lolz), and other stuffs...... but i earn an unforgetable memories and lesson.

Below are some pics to share, if you ever want the pics in full res, or want the pics to be removed, please tell me ^^ More pics can be found here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ermmm....i got an animated gif, i dunno how to upload to blog, any advice?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Daicon 3rd Day RoadShow Hangout

3rd May
Daicon was having a roadshow at 1U, at 1st, 2nd, 3rd of May. i only when for the 3rd day, as i was having final exams. My friends said 2nd day was a lot more fun, too bad i couldnt make it. But it was fun for 3rd day too.

Daicon, an ACG event organised by ENIMA, MMU CyberJaya. Chihara Minori is coming too!! Some of her noticible work are Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (Nagato Yuki), Minami-ke (Minami Chiaki), Ga-Rei -Zero- (Tsuchimiya Kagura). There are alot other stuff too, for more detail, click here!!!!!!!

Ok, no more rubbish talking. Below are some pics that i took, there were japanese folk dances, and sushi demo too. i was tired that day for preparing exam, so i dint take many. i din't take much on Daicon booth also =_=

Japanese Folk Dance Dancers

Sushi Demo by SushiGroove

A talented artist at Daicon booth
Below are some of the hangout pics ^^

We chit-chat, fooling around, 'lepak', then Mc-D. Thx beat for belanja ice-cream ^^
More photos can be found here!!!! If you want full res or want your pics to be removed, just tell me la ^^

And lastly, see you guys in Daicon!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IEM 50th Anniversary videos

6th May

Got the pay check from IEM (Instituition of Engineering, Malaysia). My team (Sheio, Avex, Monkey Ichigo, Anderson Wan and of course me!~) did 2nd video for IEM.

First of all, i would like to thank my teammates, for going through the obstacles for countless restless days and nights; the IEM board for letting us handle this project; the secretary miss Jannet for very much appreciated cooporatin and preparation; the narrator miss Siti; nah......the list is endless.........but there is one that i should give the appreciation to, The God! Thx god for letting me realised that arts in career is so challenging, it is not like hobby, which satisfy your own , in business, you are going to satisfy the client's demand. though i knew this fact long time ago, anyway, halleluyah, amitabha, hukasaka, zamzam allakazam....

Here is the rough version of the video, the video is kinda long, and have many speeches. 3Cs are welcome.