Friday, May 8, 2009

Daicon 3rd Day RoadShow Hangout

3rd May
Daicon was having a roadshow at 1U, at 1st, 2nd, 3rd of May. i only when for the 3rd day, as i was having final exams. My friends said 2nd day was a lot more fun, too bad i couldnt make it. But it was fun for 3rd day too.

Daicon, an ACG event organised by ENIMA, MMU CyberJaya. Chihara Minori is coming too!! Some of her noticible work are Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (Nagato Yuki), Minami-ke (Minami Chiaki), Ga-Rei -Zero- (Tsuchimiya Kagura). There are alot other stuff too, for more detail, click here!!!!!!!

Ok, no more rubbish talking. Below are some pics that i took, there were japanese folk dances, and sushi demo too. i was tired that day for preparing exam, so i dint take many. i din't take much on Daicon booth also =_=

Japanese Folk Dance Dancers

Sushi Demo by SushiGroove

A talented artist at Daicon booth
Below are some of the hangout pics ^^

We chit-chat, fooling around, 'lepak', then Mc-D. Thx beat for belanja ice-cream ^^
More photos can be found here!!!! If you want full res or want your pics to be removed, just tell me la ^^

And lastly, see you guys in Daicon!!!!


  1. walao! nice ler~
    i like that pic...which with japanese cloth d~

  2. yen>>move the pic me pushing sachiko eating sushi~

    or i will kill u later~

    oh~dont need to deleted it all~can u zip all pic n send 2 me??

  3. den mamoru...u send me the picture xD

  4. YOSH!!!! Zip and send some to me neeee~~~~~

  5. sorry for late reply guys...

    xplmy>> lol, you can wear those kimono, i think you can crossplay very well

    mamoru>>dont kill me pls... i still wanna take more of those kinds of pics >_<
    btw, where should i send to you?

    Wen>>you deal with mamoru la

    beat>>send to where??? O.o

    btw, i just realised that facebook album cannot be viewed by public =_=

  6. lolz...i think u should find benghan...not me...
    envy u got so much anime comic game event to take photo~
    penang one is 12june? ck birthday!
    take ck to cosplay also

  7. xplmy>> at KDU 1 is at 6th and 7th