Wednesday, May 6, 2009

IEM 50th Anniversary videos

6th May

Got the pay check from IEM (Instituition of Engineering, Malaysia). My team (Sheio, Avex, Monkey Ichigo, Anderson Wan and of course me!~) did 2nd video for IEM.

First of all, i would like to thank my teammates, for going through the obstacles for countless restless days and nights; the IEM board for letting us handle this project; the secretary miss Jannet for very much appreciated cooporatin and preparation; the narrator miss Siti; nah......the list is endless.........but there is one that i should give the appreciation to, The God! Thx god for letting me realised that arts in career is so challenging, it is not like hobby, which satisfy your own , in business, you are going to satisfy the client's demand. though i knew this fact long time ago, anyway, halleluyah, amitabha, hukasaka, zamzam allakazam....

Here is the rough version of the video, the video is kinda long, and have many speeches. 3Cs are welcome.


  1. Wow is dis IEM's award?lotz of thank you...lolz
    Thanks 2 u too bro=)

  2. haha .. nice .. but i hate tat stupid vocal and those apek faces. when free i wana render a vocaless and apekless version of tis video XD

  3. go render 1 la, lol. only effects 1, or you can replace those speeches with your own speech

  4. good idea .. but only if i got sexy voice like Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale XD