Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melaka Trip 01 - Eye of Malaysia Shooting

18th August

I am going to share what I did during my stay in Malacca.

This was a short photography outing with a few of Photonians during my stay in Malacca.They were Avex, Master Max, Sifu Simmon and me ^^


At first, we were shooting from the Holiday Inn. We just stepped in the hotel and act like we were th guests here. We went up to the 3rd floor, where there is a outdoor swimming pool. We start to get our shots.

2) Shots from Holiday Inn. The water is a pool, not sea ^^

After a while, we left the hotel, as the location was not ideal. We changed to a place further down, somewhere near the sea.

We just parked our car beside the road, as the time is running out, the sun don't wait for us.

This is a good place for the EOM scence. We were compose our shot while walking around to search for angles.

3) This is the location that we took our photos. You may go there if you hang out in Melaka.

Just only after a while, the sun punched his card, and bit farewell to us. T_T

3) Master Max




7)With the sharing from our Sifu Simmon, I got my hand on the "Black card technic". This is not photoshop duplicating ^^ Now we can call it The EYES of Malaysia....

8) Trying to do some creative stuff, but the outcomes are stupid =_=



  1. Gosh~!! Love your photoshooting about The Eye on malaysia!

  2. Nice shots of EOM here :) Particularly the sunset versions.