Friday, September 4, 2009

Sushi King - Big Bowl Challenge

3rd September

Today I went to Ikea for the buka puasa dinner with my cosplay friends CF. Many of them are attending. There are many of them that I am not familiar with. argh, I am not good at socializing, sienz............

We went to this Kluang Station for our dinner. It offered a buka puasa buffet dinner for RM 11.90 only. The food was not bad, especially the chickins.

Well, this is not the main point of the topic. After this, we went to Sushi King, which is just a floor beneath us to meet the other friends. Upon steping in the shop, I saw this big poster

It is the Big Bowl Challenge!!! Just like what you have seen in the Japanese drama or anime. You need to suck up a big bowl of noodles within the given time. These the terms and conditions :

* From 1st to 30th of September
* Big bowl is free of charge for participant who is able to completely finish the dish within 10 minutes
* Participant will be charged RM38.80 should they fail to finish the big bowl within 10 minutes
* Only 1 (one) big bowl per participant
* Available while stock last
* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only

Apparently there is a young brave man who was gonna take the challenge. He ordered a bowl of Udon (is it??).

This handsome is the brave young challenger, Dei.

If you wonder how BIG is it, it is just a few litres of soup with noodles and nori, just read if you wanna know >_<

He had only 10 minutes to finish the big bowl, including the soup. You have to clean the bowl in order to win it. As the time counts down, Dei started to act.

At first they are only us who root and cheer for him, but as the challenge progress, more and more bypasser stopped by and see what is happening.

Just when he started to drink the soup, the times up. Too bad, but that was a good try. And thanks to the supports from CF buddies and the bypassers.

A tips from Dei for those who wanna try this out. Firstly, it is HOT. Secondly, the another hard part is the soup, can you drink all those soup?????

soli, i just wanna post this pic


  1. thank u for writing this post..
    i've been searching all over for "HOW BIG IS THE BOWL"..

    dropping by from innit

  2. how or not and soup a lot or looks definitely fun. :)

  3. sushi king always has its tricks to boost up on sales.

  4. Thanks for the write the soup is the biggest challenge har...