Sunday, September 6, 2009

Most Photographers Only Shoot Ladies, but Not Men

Today I went to Mid-Valley, just to visit Project Alpha by Nuffnang. Well, to be frank, I just wanna see KennySia with my naked eyes, lol >_<

We (Tonywan, Pauline and me) went there early, around 4pm, and the thing was suppose to start at 5:30pm.

Well, early ma, so we lepak around. And there is a Fashion Show.

Most photographers only shoot at lady models, they don't care about the handsome gentlemen. Most of them are........... you know what I wanna say la. If I was the photographer, I will also shoot mostly at the models with holes la, not those with poles.

If you don't believe me, you may observe whenever there is a fashion show with both male and female models. Most of them will take the female models pictures only =_=

This is also true not only in Fashion Show, you can go to flickr and search for models/people, I can bet you with my Johny that almost all are female models. Even in my portfolio, majority are ladies ^_^

Just maybe male dominates the photography field la. But still, even you don't like to shoot male models, but please make some flashes towards them la, act act a bit, give them face a bit ma.

The Chicks are hot, and the Guys are cool, but there is a flaw about this Fashion Show. The marketing people fail la, I didn't know what were they trying to promote, until I saw this, swt

It is Bonia =_= (A branded bag, not sleeveless in Hokkien)

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