Thursday, September 10, 2009

Malacca Trip 02 - Some Spots

My sharing for my Malacca trip continue. Malacca is a colored with beautiful heritage building and things. Furthermore, you can spot hot chicks from foreign countries too.

Even the longkao (drain) is so attractive enough for people to camera it =_=

There were so many interesting things to snap with, see how is Avex retarded face, lol

This is beside the red houses built by those Holand kia, the Christ Church Melaka. This area is a must visit place

After this, we headed towards the well-known almighty St John Fort, which is also built by the Holand kia.

I am not sure why there is a father statute just outside of the fort. Maybe he was trying to promote peace when the Melaka people was waging war with the Holand kia, but get his hand chopped off instead.

It is not big. Even thought they claimed that this was unbeatable, no enemies can pass through here. However there is just a portion left for the fort.

I wonder why they are using this place as a location for Music TV shooting. Are they singing for that "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" campaign?? Anyhow, that lady singer was pretty, anyone knows her??

Before we went back, we stopped by the Qin Yun Temple (青云亭), a famous small buddist temple. The sculpture on the walls are so pretty in a way that I have no words to describe.

There is a thing that I could not comprehend. You see, we could pray or make wishes to the God statute by burning those oil. By common sense, we should let the oil to burn up completely to get our wishes realised. But there are those ah pek, obviously the workers in the temple, pour our praying oil away. I mean, wtf!! why?? business tricks??


  1. u din capture any nearer angle photo of the pretty singer lady...:S