Monday, October 5, 2009

Kureha + Saber Lion Nendoroid Shooting

25th September

This time I am going to share about my first........... nendoroid~~ Kureha from the game Shining Wind.

The story is like this :

Sleepy man, but I have a photoshooting with Keith Tai and xplmy this morning. Raining again, lemiao~~

luckily the rain stops. So we go to dunno dunno where to shoot the sea. I didnt shooting anything, my brain couldn't bring me to press the shuttle =_=

After that, we go to xplmy's house for some shooting. We set up the mini studio, and start shooting, of course the Nendoroids!!!!

Below are the are some of the shots to share, have fun and feel free to leave comments~

1) Sleeping at the night of Mid-Autum Festival (中秋节)

2) Time to wake up, sleepy nyan~~

3) At school continue to sleep


5) Kureha : You should not sleep in class
Saber : Huu~~ T_T

6) Kureha : Lets have meal in classroom
Saber : Still sleepy la~~

7) Shooting this through a view finder of D80 by xplmy

8) Behind the scenes

These shots took us a few hours. The set up was so time consuming. Thanks Keith Tai and xplmy ^^


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  2. should take another kureha face and let them sleep together~ >.<

    nice shot

  3. thank for teh compliments ^^

    1st and 2nd pics are not macro ^^

  4. I expect lesbian actions from them. When can u do one?