Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not Just Another PC Fair???

31st July

Today i went to PC fair with my friends who wanted to get themselves new laptops. I thought it was not going to be crowded, as firstly, it was friday, secondly, because of the virus H1N1. But it was not going as what i expected.

However, reality is not always going as we want. Despite the serious outbreak of the bloody piggy flu, and the anti-ISA stuff, it was fucking crowded so crowded.

Never come to PC Fair ar, curse all those Sua Gu Kia (ok, i was 1 of them)

Upon reaching, we had lunch. After that, we rushed into the Aquaria for the Fair!

As usual, we keep collecting those flyers distributed to us.....errr.... my friends only. Most of them dint give a damn of me!!! What the food!!!! It was just because I was holding a DSLR, and they thought I wasn't there to buy anything!! Hey, I am consumer also ok, although my initial intention is just to lepak and take some shots of hot sexy showgirls the events.

My friends got loads of papers, for recycle

I got none, but a smiley balloon from Maxis, but I am not smiling T_T

While my friends were surveying for their laptops, I, got nothing buy, stroll around aimlessly. And then something caught my eyes, and I feel in love with first sight. She was so pretty, she was so trendy, her skin was so smooth, so shiny. However, nothing is perfect, in this case, she has an Alien head................

She was the Alienware laptop.

And i thought of some modification which could have higher demands, Proudly present you, The Underwear....

As I was looking at those laptops, i found out that there is a new technology is being used now in laptop. We had our finger print indentification, which is not new anymore. But now, we have the Face Recognition.

Just place you face in front of your monitor, to be precise, the webcam, and you can login into your account mysteriously. This save us from those silly password we have to crack our head such as 0165103742, or ichibansheng, or abcde, or tmnet123.

However, I found out that it is not userfriendly to certain people, such as :

this joke was inspired and was originally by wansf (no Offensive meaning, just for joke, chill)

After surveying the laptops, we headed to the main halls, which mainly sold accesories, software, etc. What caught my attention was neither the hight tech gadgets, nor the cheap Hard Drive, nor the freebies. It was the Anti-virus software..............punya hot chicks.

Anti-virus ambassadors. I hope they can treat my virus in their nurse costumes, btw, why nurse????

Sorry Peggy, I got aback as I never thought that I would meet you here =_=

I recalled that many people asked me what anti-virus sofware i used for my computer. I replied "none". I din't use it for many reasons, and 1 of it being the picture below

I got seperated from my friends in the sea of Human beings, as I kept looking at sexy showgirls was not paying attention. I spotted a thing, it looks like cotton candy, which stimulate my saliva glands. What the hell is a rainbow-colored cotton candy doing here??

After a while, I discovered that it was a human.

What is in the publicity/marketing department's brain??? Ya I know it draws attention, but this is just nuts.... i dont feel like aproaching them, unless I am treaten to have my balls cut off.

Ok, lazy to say anymore, it was tiresome to be assaulted by those flyers, especially from Celcom, Digi and Maxis broadbands.

The Romance of 3 Kingdoms at war, Blue(Celcom), Green(Maxis), Yellow(Digi)

Some shots of pretty gals to share before I end this.

Some online games showgirl, I have costume fetish

Sexy gals with big guns. My gun is much bigger

Dont get envy, hehe

Sorry, no serious photography for this topic, lol


  1. There're soooo many STRIKEOUTS and DIALOGUES in ur new styled post LOL. FUCK.

    New style of blogging. I know it may takes time, but, keep it up man!

    Btw, it's offensive not to put ur inspirer's URL in your post. lol

  2. ops, sorry, i forgot that. paiseh.
    thx for pointing out ^^

  3. haha..a brand new style of ur blogging life..quite funny and interested in it..Even though seems not as much leng lui as possible during this year's pc fair..Guy, u have done the great job..:D

  4. funny and interesting... i like tat...haha

  5. stupid pc fair, damn crowded n packed like made mi no mood 2 shoot wif my Nicole at all=X

  6. pauline>>lol thanks, i will keep on working on my blog

    BlackG>>thanks and looking foward for more on my blog ^^

    Avex>>you went there too??? which day??