Thursday, August 6, 2009

Floria is Flower??? Putrajaya

2nd August

Last Sunday, I have been to the Floria Festival at Putrajaya, which is a flower festival. First thing comes into my mind after looking at the title from the poster was, What is Floria?? Flowers?? Why dont use other name as it sounds like pariah =_=

I had never been to a flower garden before in my life, and this is my first time seeing so many flowers other than in paper or TV. They might be some common flowers, but to me, they were so beautiful, so beautiful that can make me feel orgasm......

Just before I went to the festival, I did a little research, and a friend of mine mentioned that there will be Hot Air Balloon too! Oh God, it will be hitting 2 bananas with 1 stone, as i have never seen a Hot Air Balloon with naked eyes too!!

That day, the only 3 lousy hot air balloon. So dissapointed. After i went home, i found out that why there are only 3 lousy balloon there, do you see the top left corner of the above pic?? The ads for hot air balloon is smaller than a mouse's testacles, well, as least much smaller than mine.

I was planning to get myself onto the balloon, it will just cost me RM10. But after knowing the fact that, it take you up to this height only, it is better I grab my own balloon =_= The Balloons are suckers

I saw this little boy playing with DSLR whole day long. what the foot is wrong with parents nowadays buying a DSLR for their children as a toy? I wish I could do that too.

BlackG, Pauline, Garbage Boy, Wansf

Reloading the camera, be prepared for massive shooting.

Thers are seasons flowers in the "Pavillion" too, it is some sort green house I think. It was so cool as compared to the hot weather outside.

Flower tapir and bird. They used flowers to make other organism too.

Other than flowers, there are expo which promotes other things, such as the newest clone of "limao". These 2 limaos are as big as mine, wow!

And I spotted this thing too. What a great combo.

There were competition and work shops such as drawing, arts, clay sculpting etc, which their themes revolve with flowers

You know that White House has its own military defence, Putrajaya has too. A big basilik missile!!! Well, it is just an observatory tower.

Food corner. Moveable KFC. 1st time seeing this thing. There are Pizza Huts, SetiaMas, etc in trucks too!

Nothing to say more, below are just some shots that i would like to share........... please leave your comments la

So Beautiful..... i mean the lady, but not the Balloon :)

























  1. wow.. love this entry very much! You took very good photos on the flowers... =)

  2. Ya. Very nice color and very SHARP. But dun always talk bout your balls lah. Kenny's are much more bigger than yours.

  3. Chee Wei a.k.a. BlackGAugust 7, 2009 at 2:11 AM

    nice picture... i like it

  4. LayMin>> thanks for your compliments, if got go anywhere play, jio mai me la ^^

    wansf>> ya, my balls size is that big limao only, kenny's is coconut. cannot compare............

    BlackG>> i know you are abang chee wei la. thanks for your compliment too ^^

  5. Ichiban, pls number ur photos so dat v can comment...zzzZ
    I could only tell u dat i like da 1st photo n some others which i am too lazy 2 scroll down n count one by one=p
    overall very nice shots u hav, not much critics...(mayb nx time?)lolz

  6. ya..i agree with Avex too..quite lazy to scroll down and count the photos..i took the easiest way choosing the one i love the's the photo of crysanthemum (yellow)with black in color background...just some fresh flowers without trunks..woohoo

  7. lol, sorry, i took the note and tada....i numbered them. haha

  8. No 4 & 9...But I like most no 4 ^^

  9. hoho, thanks for leaving comments

    wansf>> can i say "f u"????

  10. +4got to mention, luv the Ren the most, that's japanese for Lotus...=)
    +To the left stand the roses,
    Their elegance can't compare with others,
    The ultimate beauty on Earth,
    As they are you in my heart, my dearest.
    +And may I ask? You wrote this?
    +To the right stood the thorns,
    Of which are crucial for the roses,
    For they grew out of it in time,
    And blossoms as they endured the pain.

  11. Penthius>>
    Firstly, you have sharp eyes to see those small words.
    ya, I wrote that, pardon my poor english, i just wanna write something there, haha.

    Nice continuation you have there. salute!! you must be great in poem. I see that you keep a poetry blog ^^

  12. +Haha, poor english? Heh, I'm not that good either, haha, so I rly wudn't noe, hee, nice try, perhaps sum1 was on ur mind when u wrote that? Someone as pretty as the roses? =P
    +I juz luv writing, won't rly say I'm gud at it, a way 4 me 2 express myself, juz like how u uses pictures 2 express a feeling, isn't that so?
    +And wif that, here's a quote~Diane Arbus once said, "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know."..any idea wot it means?