Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventure by Motorbike from PJ to Malacca

16th August

I didn't update my blog for a week, the reason being I was on vacation in Malacca for 1 whole week, hehe. Got tons to share, but I have to settle all projects and assignments that i have left undone for the whole holidays =_=

This is my another visit to Malacca just right after a week I came back from there. It was Sunday, I woke up at 9:00am, then packed my luggage and my equipments, then stuff them into my motorcycle, then I depart to Malacca at 10:30am. Ya, you didn't read wrongly, I Drove my lousy "Comel Manja III" motorbike down to Malacca form PJ.

I had my little Comel gone through some check up and mantainance of course.

I would like to share my adventurous journey with you guys through the photos and words in the picture below. I snapped those pics with DSLR while driving. Please click the image below, let it load completely, then click the image for zooming

After reading this post, I guess my parents and some of my friends would scold me for being reckless, sorry sorry. I just love to travel with bike.

Results :

I took 135 minutes to complete my journey
It cost me around RM 5.00 for the petrol
My skin got heavily tanned T_T
Don't trust 100% the direction that other people give =_=


  1. awesome man.... come class i can see how much u got tanned:-p

  2. walao...
    u 2 steady liao...

  3. 2 hours and 15 minutes...with 'comel'

  4. aiyo... 2 hr niah mah.... why didn't u dabao CENDOL for mE? T.T

  5. Sheep>> i lau sai, tired, cannot go to class

    Sam>> wanna join me?? hehe

    BlackG>> my comel not comel anymore

    wansf>> the cendol melted.... in my stomach

  6. lol..u sux..din dapao cendol too..T.T...sounds delicious wat..xDxD
    and err....ichiban,i dont so understand with the last sentence ''Don't trust 100% the direction that other people give =_= ''??
    What on earth did u mean by?=.="

  7. pauline>> well, i asked for direction. but that guy leaded me to HOLAND. lol

  8. oic..Holland not bad too..can dapao Holland potato for me..wahaha

  9. Hmm... next time try travel by bike from PJ to Penang la.. i treat you the cendol as well.. haha!

    Holland not bad ma.. at least the " red house " built by holland man.. kaka~!

  10. windmills too..haha

  11. yeh.... let's give me five ya lynn~ Huhu

  12. is the 'five'..wahaha

  13. LayMin>> cendol only nia ar?? dont you dare me, a few of my friends did ride motor form penang down to KL and some to Johor. I think I might find a time and do it too, haha

    pualine>> let me give you 10 oo0oo(^_^)oo0oo

  14. LOL. I see 2 lil gals playing "gimme 5" here and a japanese guy showing mlm. Oh ya, and a long fucking name fucker saying fuck.

  15. The Long long name Mr. wan is....同你玩??