Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malacca MMU GACC 2009 (Cosplay)

16th August

Warning, beyond here is for the otaku only..............

This is one of the main reasons why I went down to Malacca, and ya, for cosplay!! But not me cosplay la, I just go there see see only. and I would like to share the event, GACC which stands for Game Anime Comic Circle. It was held at Malacca MMU.

Upon reaching there, I saw floods of people. So I started to take a look. There are many booths. They sell many things, from anime figures to cosplay accessories, from drawings to mangas, from anime to OST.

many booths. they are selling cat ears, devil tails etc

Great wall of anime figurines!! I saw my beloved nendroids~~

More figurines~~~ Too bad they did't display "for adult" figurines.

Drawing by those talented people. They draw those anime characters very very beautiful.

playing card games

Well, obviously I came here not for these stuff, but for the cosplayers!! Those cosplayers are willing to pose for you to take photos, but if you should kindly ask for their permission la, else they will piss you off, lol

Gekishou version of Haruhi & Mikuru from "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu"

Well, those bugs hero also patrol this event. I guess i don't need to introduce this guy ^^

Dunno why the Kamen Riders (Baja Hitam??) were fighting with Saya from "Blood+"
I wonder Baja Hitam kills vampires too???

Cosplayers volunteerily prepared 4 dance performances for the audience, Sailo fuku, Cirno, Love and Joy, Carameldansen.

I wish I could dance like them too. envy~~~~~

Their dances were so astonishing. Not only very entertaining, it is up to the standard. I can say they gave blood and sweat in preparing these. They deserved a big hand from me.

And this fella from starwars were capturing the performances. May the force be with you

Cosplayer competition. A spontanous performance requested by the judge. This is the candidate ZcDave, paiseh, I dunno what was he cosplaying.

The 3 winners from Solo Cosplay Competition.

I want the puppet at his hand~~~ Midori from "Midori no Hibi"

Well, other than taking thier photos, you can also take photos with them for memories~~

Camwhoring with the cosplayers~~~

OK, nothing much to say, I didn't shoot much that day as I reached there at 3pm, which means I attended the event for a few hours only. I was also very tired and hungry for riding motorcycle from PJ to here =_=

Some photos to share. You can see more pictures of GACC2009 at my facebook. If you ever want your photos in high resolution or want your photos removed, please kindly drop me a message ^_^

1) from Hetalia Axis Power

2) xxx

3) Ainone Kana from "fanmade Vocaloid"

4) xxx

5) Sebastian Michaelis(cute devil mode, zho siao 1) from "Kuroshitsuji"

6) xxx

7) Shana from "Shakugan no Shana"

please help me identify the cosplayers form picture 1 to 7, I only know 4.

Feel free to leave comments or have a chit-chat~~~


  1. COol!! nice job,...XD

  2. Quite a weird cosplay..=.="

  3. Sam>> thanks

    pauline>>huh?? what do you mean by weird???

  4. Hello! May I have the high res. ver. of picture 1 (Hetalia Axis Powers)? I'm the cosplayer in the front :)

  5. No 2 is Itachi from Naruto!!!XD Haha!!Don't know whether is the cosplayer as handsome as Itachi...WAkaka!!XD Next time got this kind of event tell me ya..never been to one long as it is in KL...I can run free at here...XD

  6. ShadowDorumon>> sent the shots to you d. hope you like it ^^

    ChuanPing>> Next time will call you la. That Itachi Cosplayer is my friend lai d, wanna know him??? lol

  7. LOL...leng chai bo?If not leng chai then no need la..I wanna preserve Itachi's perfect image in my heart...Wakaka!!XD