Friday, July 24, 2009

Bon Odori 2009 Part II - The Real Obon

19th July

OK, sorry for the prank in last post, here it comes the Part II. Most pics are self illustrated. Feel free to leave comments.

As usual, 3Cs are welcomed. You may chat at the right side too ------->

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For Bon Odori 2009 Part I, click here

the Taiko

Nice for family outing, you can see the father is sweating.........

Don't miss out the next Bon Odori, there are many pretty Yukata, and ladies of course.

Canon's cannon

My CF friend, beatbox. He looks so hapi, maybe got many Yukata hot chicks.....

many people picnic there, by laying a cloth on the grassy floor and had their gorgeous japanese food

Performance starting soon

I like this.....chick???? She gets shy when i point my thumb to her to praise her

Little yukata pick pocket chick?? Pro~~

I have to say this again, she had no teeth....yet

Olk folk performance with Taiko Drum

The stage, snap this using timer + tripod, then raised the tripod high enough. I wonder why the stage is so high, while stage in Penang Bon Odori is so low =_=

CF buddies

CF friend,

CF friends..... do you see the words on the headband???? 一番勝 Ichiban in Japs, Sheng in Mandarin

i can feel the kill intent 杀气, please spare my life, I am just an otaku~~~


  1. the last pic more like sleepy instead of killing scent =.=

  2. Olk folk performance with Taiko Drum i like it hehehe..hahaha

  3. kimono is always so pretty!
    wish i can buy one an display in my bedroom~ as decoration~

  4. i prefer the 1st post with hot chick.

    Maybe this is the one u need

  5. Lol lol lol.

    sheep> you better attend next year

    XPLMY>> buy le tell me, i go shoot. or maybe buy for a gal, then let us shoot

    wansf>> wtf, can see the face, but why her body is covered up by bathtub d.

  6. lol, thanks for pointing out typo