Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Coursemates at Sunway Lagoon

10th July
My Coursemates(a few CAD/CAMers) and me, went to Sunway Lagoon just after the friday class, which is also the 1st class for me after i 'ponteng' for every lessons since school reopen.

It has been a year since i went to Sunway Lagoon. My last visit here was free!! As i was representing UM to participate a kind of explore race held my Sunway itself. But now, i have to dig my pocket to pay for my day!! And it was RM 48, citizen price, which cover only Wet and Amusement park. Blood sucker, lol, at least for a poor student like me.

At the entrance, i am asked to drain away the water in my bottle!! After we got in, we got our blood sucked again! the locker cost us RM5 each!! Not to say the locker's size can barely fits my only bag =_=

Ok, the dry park first. Pirate Ship was the starter dish. We rode all, except the Ferris Wheel and Marry go Round. Actually it doesnt have much attraction. Well, just my personal opinion.

Water Park next. I like this park, especially the surf park as it is the most relaxing place for me. The waves hit me and i feel very high, err.... is it the right word to express??

just before we pack our things, I took out my Cam and shot a few for the sack of memories. You can see more shots at my facebook ^_^

btw, i guess something is wrong with the color mode, the photos i uploaded all seems unsharp and the color is a bit weird =_=

I missed the moment just before this, it was a lot meaningful. my skill sux to not be able to capture those beautiful candid moment.

Partial HDR, make the building and sky underexposed

I screwed up with the exposure, the sky was cover my haze, sienz..... =_=

I like the blurred tiang, but the tiger is not sharp
candid with high ISO

I set the camera setting, positioned my friends, then ask a bypasser help hitting the shuttle, but dunno why he compose the pics like this, this shot should have been taken from lower angle to include the "Sunway Lagoon" Logo and those Roller Coasters. My mistake for not asking him to do what i want, lol


  1. WTF again.. for publishing my undressed photo. =.=''

    However it's a really nice trip with all of them. :D