Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bon Odori 2009 Part I - The Hot Chicks in Yukata

Accounted at 19th July
Yo, it took me a while to upload this as I was busy, furthermore, the line suxxxxx......

As usual, I am going to share my shots taken, and this time is from Bon Odori 2009, which is held at Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam.

I am given a fan at the entrance for free, with the item flows printed on it, a briliant idea! There was no performance until 7pm. So i stroll around aimlessly with my gun. And finally something triggered my bulb, it was to shoot Hot Babe in Yukata!! How silly am i if i am not to shoot them in Yukata. It was such a rare chance where you might only get to see hot chicks in Yukata once in a year!! so I switched my lens to a tele 1, so that it convenient me to stalk those Yukata Chicks without being exposed.

Mission begins. At first it was hard to find, as there were a few people. Moreover, it was damn hot!!! However, with my unbeatable determination, i got some sweet shots of Hot Babe in Yukatas!!!! Guys would glue their eyes on them, and Gals would feel pity that their time has gone.

Let me share some, please scroll down and enjoy them, 1 by 1. Do you hear me? 1 by 1, OK???

As there would a number of photos, hereby i proudly present you Bon Odori Part I - The Hot Chicks in Yukata~~

I noticed that she doesnt have teeth!!!!!!!


Sorry, this is not yukata hot chicks, it is me, shooting double kamekameha with dslr

Ya, I said chicks, i din't say hen or chicken. Feel dissapointed? And I bet you guys are probably thinking that I am a Lolicon, just like MJ.

After looking at these pics, i feel like wanna have a daughter too, so that i can dress her in Yukata, or maybe Cosplay her, hehe.

OK, enough of BS. I humbly apologies again, i will present you the "Bon Odori 2009 Part II - The Real Obon" in later time. School sux, laptop sux, line sux, IchibanSheng SUX, that's why i couldn't present my pics efficiently. LOL~ Thanks for your patient, and stay surved ^_^

EDIT : Bon Odori Part II - The Real Obon is available here!


  1. Cheebuy! These are really "HOT CIHCK" !

    Btw, i love your pretty sharp lens , and the kamekameha LOL

  2. great pics..wan have daughter faster find someone to have with u :-p..or maybe u wan surrogate?????

  3. bravo! chichibansheng!
    ur photo got the 精髓 feeling!

  4. wansf>> no bad words, fuk ya. yala, hot chicks ma, abo what?

    sheep>> might consider that too, thanks for the suggestion

    xplmy>> thanks, but what does 精髓 means?? chinese sux.

  5. JoannnnnnnnnnnnnnnJuly 26, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    精髓 means essense gua~~

  6. ceh, your chinese also ma ma dei nia, LOL