Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photonian Putrajaya Shooting

19th July
Well, this is my first time doing photoshooting at PutraJaya. I got this opportunity to do so, i will have to thanks my friend, Avex Lim, for introducing me to his group, The Photonians. This is, of course my first time joining a few of them for this shooting.

I departed at 4pm, fetched by Tin Kian, along with Avex. We reached there at around 5pm. We started strolling around taking shots. The sky is still damn bright and full of haze, no luck. We met up with Ben and Charlotte afterwards.

After a short moment of shooting, we stopped, as hunger was haunting us. So we went to a mall, which i forgot then name. We dined in Nandos

After that, we started to shoot night scence. Don't wanna say much, below are some of my vegetable bird's shots. 3Cs are welcomed. click them for bigger view. More shots can be found at here


  1. JoannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnJuly 22, 2009 at 11:24 PM

    i feel like learning shooting too. but i always feel that, i got no that so called 'sense of art'...haha..
    people said, phototaking is easy, but editting is the skill that harder to be acquired. T.T
    i like pretty pic. you edit it so nice! wow! i love them. you always ignite me for hearting shooting! woosh!!

  2. applause for this pic. i like!

  3. Joan>> Thanks for your compliment

    sorry that i have to disagree with you. Photography always comes before editing. editing, or we call postprocessing, plays a major role only to certain kind of photos, for example you wanna make it black and white, or add effects to it, editing might also enhance your not-so-good photos. However, a good photo doesnt require editing at all. and if you dont have a good photos, how can you edit it??
    lets take the exmaple of the pic you posted on your comment, if you dont have correct remote flash and other things,you might get nice bridge at the back, but with no human in front.

    Anyway, you should try to shoot, dont say that you lack of art sense. Every1 has his own talent & creativity. So if you ever get interested in photog, or wanna be my model, come and join us!! , i will give a warm welcome ^^

    btw, which joan are you?? @_@

  4. you so sienz leh~~ i sms you, you ask me which joan am i, now in blog you still asking me which joan am i....

    shall call myself littlerain dy.........

    Chemical engineering de JOAN!!!!
    you Baka!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOL, sorry lo, i am BAKA, littlerain~
    littlerain sounds cuter, joan also sounds cute, how could i not remember??? kidding nia