Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ACGC 2009 Day 2

Ush! it took me so long to upload the pics because of 'stimyx'. Here is the 2nd day of ACGC pics that i took. Once again, cosplayers always open my eyes into the new world. Today's is the cosplay competition for solo. 19 participants going to compete. There will be 3 rounds for each of them. The 1st round requires cosplayer to present 3 posses. 2nd will be interview from judges. 3rd round is performance.

The MC (Forgot to snap his pics in 1st day)and the judges

Below the the 19 participants, just guesss yourself what are they cosplaying.

Ok, below are some featured pics, i dint upload all as there are a number of them. if there are related pics that you want that i dint put up here, just leave a msg here, i will send them to you. Ah, and also, if you want your pics removed too. Have fun and stay surved~~


  1. Do you have any pictures from the goth group... the 5 goth ppl? I'm one of the members... if you do, can u send them to me

    My email is: shadow_leingod@hotmail.com

    My blog: shadowxajin.blogspot.com

  2. lolz~
    u look like more familiar with ur 18-135mm
    all pic taken with rite exposure~

  3. Thanks for the photo!

  4. Shadow Xajin>> full res photo sent. looking forward to C2AGE ^_^

    xplmy>> i am getting used to this lens before i get another lens. however, there a some retouch for some pics.

    Tsuna>> you're welcome!

  5. Thanks for the photos!
    Stole lot's of them XD!! jk jk