Sunday, March 22, 2009

ACGC 2009 Day 1

Ush! Anime Comic Game Convention aka ACGC 2009 is held at 21st & 22nd of Mac, Tropicana Mall, PJ, which is just behind my house. This is my first time to an event like this although i have been anime otaku for millenium. In my mind before i go, i though it would have stuff like doujin games, tons of manga, and galgame maybe, like what i watch in anime, but it doesnt seem so. Malaysia is still far from that maybe, lol. However, there a art works, doujin mangas, firgurines there.

I was there from 2:xx pm till 4:xx pm only, as i am flooded with tons of assignments+tests+projects. Here are some of the shoots i have taken. Sorry if the pics are not nice, as i am n00b, hehe

Btw, ACGC has a portal go register. There is a flash game - Hentai Usagi Toss, the portal member with the highest score by 10th April 2009 will win an goody bag worth RM200. btw, it is just a funny game where ACGC-chan toss the rabbit(is that a rabbit?), nothing hentai. Here is the link

View from first floor. People are highly concentrated in the front stage, as the cosplay competition(group) is going to start.

The 3 judges, from Dragon Ball, Chrno Crusade and Macross Frontier. (Correct me if i am mistaken)

The 1st team of participants. I dunno what they are cosplaying, any1 please pinpoint it out. They are performing a short scence, though i dun get the story, as the sound system seems blurry. The funny part is that 'Make love, no war' on the box... nice words to convince the American from having wars.

Here comes the 2nd team. I also have no idea what are they cosplaying. but i swear i have seen the white face guy with electro-guitar. This team is performing a band.

The 3rd team, performing duet singing. The gal behind was throwing flower petals to create a nice atmosphere? or to make it funny. I like this team, but too bad, the male lead accidentally step on the wire and drop his mic twice T_T ending scence is nice, blood sucking ^_^ Btw, from VK.

Vergil(left) and Dante(right) from Devil May Cry.

Sakura-chan from Naruto. She was summoned up to the stage. This is her reaction after noticing her name was called a few times(right pic). Cutiepie is it???
These are another 2 that are summoned by the MC.
It looks like ACGC-chan is poking the shinobi's axx >_<

Ninjas!!! Is that lady using her handphone as kunai??? @_@

Dokuro-chan from Hitman Reborn.(it is Rokudo Mukuro actually, pinpointed)

Miku and Kaito from Vocaloid. I am going to try out vocaloids when i have time. Btw, negi ya, but why ice cream? McD vanila cone?? lol

Hino from La Corda D'Oro. Ave Maria plz~~~ Looking forward to the release of 2 special episodes on 26th of Mac.

Nemu fuku taisa from Bleach
The rest i am lazy to type anything le. Sorry if the pics not nice as i am n00b. if anyone wants higher resolution version, i can send them. There are still a few that i dint upload. Thx to those that let me take photos. Looking forward to 2nd day. Tired~~~ =_=


  1. LOL. I'll help with the pinpointing somethings out.

    The 1st cosplay group that joined the competition are from Hetalia.

    2nd is from Detroit Metal City.

    3rd is....I have no idea either but I assume it's Vampire Knight.

    By the way. It's not Dokuro-Chan, it's Rokudo Mukuro. Dokuro Kuromu is the girl 'twin' ^^

    And do you mind sending me all Mukuro's picture to


    Nice photos btw

  2. Cheers for the coverage. *Steals Photos* =3 Hope you'll attend further events in the future

  3. Hey! ^^
    I was looking at CF's ACGC09 photo section and found ur blog.
    Is it okay if I grab one of ur pictures? (Cuz I was cosplaying in it XD)

    Thanks ^^

  4. Sorry for late reply, i was sleeping the whole day, dint sleep for > 36hours

    Xan>> thx for the info, 3rd group comfirm is from VK, i can recognize the male, but couldnt recognise the lady. btw, are you the 1 cosing rokudo? nicely done i will send the pics to your mail.

    ReidXavi>> thx, i will try to go every events as posible. i am starting to enjoy it. the only thing is i was too shy to ask cosplayers to let me shoot their photo. scare ma, cause 1st time.

    yungchein>> sure, you may grab it. mind to know who are you cosplaying? hehe

    i will upload 2nd day photo later, now busy washing fan

  5. Hey it looked fun there, i guess i hav missed it!sob...
    Anyway u were right bout it, da angle of shooting needs 2 b improved, perhaps next time u should get there early in order 2 get a nice position 4 a better shooting angle...haha
    oh ya one more thing, i personnally think dat u should work it out regarding depth of field as da background was quite distracting, it couldnt outstand the characters, isn't it? is da kit lens problem? anyway i do hope u wont mind bout my comment on ur photos, they r all pretty nice! Kambateh n lookin 4ward 4 more nice photos from u=)

  6. Yeah. Oh that's one of the female Vampire from VK. Shizuka. 8D

    Thanks btw. But I messed him up orzz And I received the pictures. Thanks

    Anyway, next time, don't be shy to ask for pictures. I'm sure that the cosplayers would let you take their photos. Unless they are tired or not really in the mood. XD But yeah, I love your photographing style. But I do agree that you can improve more!

  7. Avex>> preparation is important before an event. getting there earlier will get unaspected results too. Ya, i cannot complaint more with 18-135 lens. it did its best for having max f/3.5. Its me that need improvement. lol

    Xan>> you are welcome, and thx for your compliment. i will improve more with every snap i take.

  8. sure ^^
    I'm cosplaying as Shino =)

  9. hey i was there in tropicana mall that time oso...