Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trinity Blood Cosplay Shooting (Dietrich)

Yo, the main character, kogarasumaru, cos Dietrich von Lohengrin from Trinity Blood, though he is the bad guy in that story. 2 photographers is involved in the shooting, and 1 of them is xplmy, and another 1 is me ^_^

We went there in the morning of 4th day of Chinese New Year. There are 4 of us, the Main char, 2 photoman, and a friend who tag along to help. Our 1st location of shooting is at a christian cemetery, near botanical garden (i forgot the name of the place d). we reached there at 6:30am++. The sky was still dark. Below are some of the photos that i have taken.

After this, when packed up and went for the 2nd location, is also a Christian cemeetery, which is somewhere near Asplanet. Many couple take their marriage photo album. Some if the cosplayers also had their photo taken here too ^_^ (Urgh, went to 2 cemeteries during Chinese New Year, tai kat lai si)

Here are some featured part of kogarasumaru's costume. The boots, hand band, and dunno dunno what kambing head badge. (sorry for my lack of english vocab n knowlegde)

Here are the photoman, XPLMY, and Beng Han.

And now, the ulta-super-hyper-over-special featured pic, dont hate me for putting this pics up, haha. We were tired that day for getting up before the sunrises.
I forgot to mention that 3 of us, except kogarasumaru were at CC till 5am. lol

Finally, i would like to thx kogarasumaru for being the cos model for me to shoot, and my other 2 friends, my papa n mama for bringing me to this world, streamyx for letting me download anime, which is why i love anime, my ex-bosses for paying me wages to buy a cam, and .........................

Here is the omake, i messed up the masking part, i lazy to reedit it, so pls bare with it ne. btw, the brushes i used in the background is from, the credit goes to them, i dun wannt get served every meal with curry.


  1. i damn damn love this series of photos!
    nice character nice posing nice expression nice scene nice angle nice shots...
    itz jz awesome=)

  2. wow,
    this photo taken is very good in compositioning~
    i like it so much

  3. haha, thx for the compliments. it is just the model is good, the credit goes to him. i skill is still like a rough rock, need to polish for a long time to become near like gems. However, i wish i could do this kind of shooting as much as posible, really like it. going to find some1 for shooting when time allows me.

  4. yensheng and xplmy, best team of photographer lol

  5. Tsukino here ^^ those photos u took really good.. the angle n every shots..really..erm... donno how say..anyway is awesome..the cosplayer so kakoii~ playing his roll very well.. i got the feeling of his expression *am i taking too deep??* Gambatte ^^

    End post ~ Tsukino Aizawa aka Akihiko Michaelis ~

  6. Anonmous 1>> =_= anata dare? i think is some1 i know, btw, me not that good, lol

    Tsuki>> Hi, thx for the compliment, it is the cosplayer that are good. haha, you got such deep sentimental. see you in events ^_^