Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CADCAM photo

Whenever i meet with those 'long time no see' relatives and friends, there will always be same kind of conversation as below. for the sake of convenience, RF = Relatives&Friends, Me = Me la, abo who?

R&F : eh, you studying now ar?
Me : Ya, still studying.
R&F : Studying where?
Me : UM
R&F : Waa, UM ar, very good e, studying wat course?
Me : CADCAM engineering
R&F : Wow, so geng ar, chemical engineering ar
Me : No la, it is CADCAM, not chem
R&F : huh? hami lai(wuz tat)?
Me : it is Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing
R&F : Oooo....about computer 1 la?
Me : mm.... part of it la =_=

Ok, Actually CAD/CAD engineering uses CAD software like AutoCAD, CATIA, Pro-E to design and manufacture. And of course courses like statics, dynamics, thermofluids, Material of Mechanics, Electric, Electronics, etc are part of our knowlegde, as we are going to design for various fields. So, get the rough idea of what CADCAM is? Btw, actually i also dunno what is this course that i am taking, lol.

Ok, enough for my course intro. Here is the photo i took for my year(2nd yr) coursemates photo with my newly bought Nikon D90. I am still sux at photographing, the color, the composition, the lighting are all sux, but anyway, this photo is going to be part of out CADCAM contact booklet.

Notice anything unnatural? Here is the original version.

Apart from changing it to BW, there is an extra person at the bottom left corner. He was absent that day, so i edit it into the pics despite of my sux photoshop skill.

I will polish up my shooting skill and retouching skill. Stay surved ~


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  1. Ahmad Zuheir ZaidonMarch 6, 2010 at 1:52 AM

    i really need help... im thinking of joining cadcam for my bachelor degree and the thing is, no one can explain to me wth cadcam engineering does. i mean for electronics for example, relates to working in field of technology and gadgets and such. but what does cad cam do? as a fellow cad cammers, can you please explain it to me? thanks!