Thursday, June 25, 2009

CLESIC Night 锺靈大专之夜 2008/09

June 20th

Long time din't update my blog liao, i was so occupied. Now I'am going to write 1 by 1. Sleepy now, cin cai write

Ok, this one is about the CLESIC Night 锺靈大专之夜 2008/09, held by CLESIC (Chung Ling Ex-Student Intervarsity Council) at the hall of Chung Ling High School. This is the last activity done by the undergratuated ex-student of CL this year.

It was fun. i did help for organizing the dinner...a bit only la. i did help a bit for their rehersal. shocked to see y^3 be the MC. made a few friends just from the rehersal.

i was the photographer, volunteerily, i eat+enjoy show+chating with long-no-se friends+shoot. There were a series of performances, such as dances, piano solos, chinese ochestra, and not to mention 24 season drums too!! they were awesome!! too bad i was helping throughout the event, cannot enjoy fully.

I am glad that i attended this dinner, and also help them with the rehersal. i wish i could help them since the early stage of preparation. i enjoy a lot!!

Below are the e-book album, click them to enlarge. Click here for more photos. If you ever want your photos in full res or to be removed, tell me la.


  1. very pro loh~
    e book album feel super good!
    envy u envy u envy u

  2. thanks,it sux la, especially the cover. I was planning to do a better 1, but jun hean wants it so urgently, so this is what i produced in a few hours. i was planning to include your photos d, yours so nice

  3. 對自己的作品不滿意~ 是更上一層樓的條件~
    加油! 上35mm F1.8 吧